Above are the first two videos from our "In the Field" series we're currently shooting for SquatchD TV. Now this is not a Bigfoot documentary, but more just a field report for those who would like to sort of come along with us in the field. We'll show anything interesting we find but keep in mind it's mainly just a field report. Please check back for video updates or view our other videos hosted at YouTube by following the links above.
    The Video links below should play for you in Windows media player. If you have a slow connection you may have to right click on the link and choose "save as" to download and watch from your desktop. Fast connections should be able to just click and watch. I'm trying to make some short clips while we're on expedition to let everyone sorta "come along" with us in the woods. It's free of course, as most people know, 99.9% of servers have unlimited bandwidth included in the standard monthly plan for web hosting now. Just keep in mind some of the language on some of the clips may not be rated "G"

Click here - To see some pics and video of interest from recent expeditions. We literally have hundreds of pics and hours of video to review and these are just a few that seemed interesting. Every pic chosen has something interesting about it.

Click Here - This is a video of a tree twist, this twist was approximately 25 feet from an exact sighting location of a creature.

Click Here - This is video from a recent calf kill investigation on 03-22-10. The remains had been well gone thru by wildlife by the time we got there, so be advised the clips may seem graphic. This was an interesting case in which 3 calves were reported to have been killed by unknown means within a 2 week period. The first was a week earlier then after 2 more were killed we were contacted to investigate any other possibilities. Although according to the farmer, the first calf's neck was apparantly broken, it's doubtful that any of these killings/deaths were creature related. There were no tracks/evidence found relating to the creatures and the calf carcasses had been found by the farmer whole at first. The animal activity on the remains took place later the next night and day. We did also find some older bones in the thicket behind the carcasses CLICK HERE but the presence of coyote droppings leads to the thought that they were likely the culprits here. We were unable to inspect the remains of the last 2 to determine if their necks had been broken as there was not enough of the remains left to determine cause of death. Nature works fast on remains. Although the first calf may have died from a broken neck, the carcass was not removed from the scene. The other two calf carcasses were likewise not taken. So in our opinion, regardless of how they were killed/died, if these calves had been killed by a Bigfoot creature, it would have more than likely carried them away for food. Highly unlikely the creatures would kill for no reason. Most likely cause of death : Coyotes/Disease
Case closed.