Some of the sounds on this page are recordings we made here in our research area. Some supposed Bigfoot sounds from other areas that have been debunked will also be placed here. We'll keep updating the site so check back often for new sounds.
Coyote Howl (about 15 seconds into the clip)
Strix Rufipes Sometimes mistaken for "Ape Sounds" but they are a breed of owl found in the US.
Supposed Southern Bigfoot vocalizations. (Please see debunk file below).
Saw Whet Owl This is one of the debunker sounds that seems to debunk the Southern Bigfoot sound. (I beleive they recorded an owl, not Bigfoot). Great effort though so keep up the good work.
Virginia Hoot Owl can sound creepy and they don't always hoot multiple times. These can really throw you if you're not careful. I've heard these called "Whoops" in the past.
The Sounds Below are some we use for "Call Blasting" This technique is the subject of much debate in the Bigfoot community because when we call blast, we really don't know what kind of message we're sending to the creatures. Some sounds could mean "come out and play" or "Free Food"  while others may say "Do you wanna fight?" or "I think you're cute" Regardless, we have to use what works and the sounds below have provoked responses. Feel free to use them if you like (or dare).
Traditional Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Siren Call
Computer Generated Screams
Gorilla Hoots Annoyed
Gorilla Scream Angry/Frightened
Gorilla Hoots
The Sounds Below are some we will use for "Project Cry Baby" 2010 This technique we hope will play on the Creature's maternal instincts. It is unknown yet if the sounds below will draw the creatures in but that's what we're hoping for. Feel free to use them if you like (or dare).
Cry Baby 1
Cry Baby 2
Cry Baby 3
Cry Baby Babble 4
Cry Baby Babble 5
Cry Baby 6
Cry Baby 7
The New Sound Below is unknown. It does sound sort of "owlish" but I can't determine the exact breed and also it's a bit longer duration and frequency sound call than the other owls in the area. It also sounds alot like the unknown sound from the Monsterquest Hillbilly Beast KY episode. If not for being recorded in a known area of activity, I'd dismiss it but this one is kind of interesting.
Area D and F Possible Response