Above is a pic of an interesting track found in the center of a gravel lane on 03-06-10. This one was approximately 14 to 16 inches long and 5 or 6 inches wide at the heel. The track was in the center of the lane and was made at a 45 degree angle to the lane. A quick check revealed the path the creature had taken. It stepped from the side of the lane to the center, then, it stepped to the other side of the lane. 1 track only was pressed into the center of the gravel lane. The depth was approximately 1/4 inch. The track was VERY fresh and I was not making any impressions, I'm 215 lbs. Here's the odd part, by a glance you think you're looking at a left foot print, it's not, this is a RIGHT foot print. Most of the really large prints I've seen didn't have much of a curve on either side of the foot. They're almost like a straight line on both sides. This one has a curve that would seem to be an instep except the instep is actually on the outside of the foot. Weird. Of course I guess to be fair I must admit this track could belong to a large human with a foot deformation that relocates the instep to the outside of the foot. Oh, and by a modest estimate, he'd weigh over 700 lbs to be pushing his feet that deep in packed dry gravel...walking thru the woods barefoot in early March..... 30 minutes later more evidence was collected to support the supposition this was likely freshly made by a creature. Chris B.

This pic is a crop from a larger pic below that I made about 30 minutes after the track pic at the bottom of the page. This crop is a much lower resolution than the 8.1 MP full pic below. The subject is exactly 120 feet from the camera. You'll notice the Sun is shining directly on the subject. For anyone that tries to say it's a trick of shadows and light, sorry, the Sun is shining directly on the creature so there's no possibility of shadows in direct Sun light.......It's the first week of March so leaf growth has not happened yet. The trees are mostly bare with the exception of a few pine trees, they have a few green needles of course. More details of the creature are visible in the high resolution full pic below.
Pic was made 03-06-2010 by me. Undisclosed location.
Measurements made on the tree the next day confirmed a height of over 9 feet of this "subject". This pic is being listed here as part of a release of information and is being made available to allow study of these creature's differing types of physical build. I can affirm that this individual in the pic and the rest of the group are some sort of unknown North American Primates that exactly match descriptions of the creatures known as Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Most Researchers are very afraid when presenting any evidence to the public, they will NOT say "IT'S BIGFOOT" for fear of being wrong or for fear of an honest misidentification. This is not the case with myself. I know what I have seen and captured on film and video and I know what I continue to observe in the KY backwoods, I have collected pictures and video of these creatures, behavior notes as well as what they're eating.   For any reporters reading this, NO INTERVIEWS period. I don't do interviews, especially with closed minded reporters shirking grins or winking at the camera as they ask comical questions, I don't have time for nonsence. For all others, enjoy the pics being released.

Best, Chris Bennett
Bigfoot Research Project of Kentucky.
The full image is 8.1 MP and a bit over 3.5 MB in size This one has been lightened. Please respect the copyright on this material Thanks and enjoy, Chris Bennett
After some requests to do so, I have decided to release the full unenhanced raw image for study and review. The full image is 8.1 MP and a bit over 2 MB in size This one has not been lightened and is a first generation copy of the original raw pic taken. Feel free to right click on the pic and save on your desktop for review. Windows Photo Gallery works well for zooming etc. Careful review will show there's alot going on in this pic. This is a VERY large pic. Girl is left of center and boy is right of center. Please respect the copyright on this material. Again, this is a small part of information and evidence collected by the Bigfoot Research Project of Kentucky. Thanks and enjoy, Chris Bennett
Crop from large image 03-06-10. Keep in mind this is a "zoomed in" crop, the subject is 120 feet from the camera.

Now you see her.
Crop from large comparison image taken 03-07-10 (it's not exact and time of day was off by about 45 minutes or so but it's close enough to tell easily by the odd shaped trees left and right frame) The tree in the center of the pic is exactly 120 feet from the camera.

Now you don't.
This is another crop from the full image. This is right of the center and is "Big Boy" He's sitting down watching "Big Girl" for any reaction to me I think. He's exactly 51 feet away from the camera. The area where his cheek and brow ridge are showing thru the brush is about 6 feet exactly from the ground. So sitting down he's a bit over 6 feet tall. If this is the same one we've seen since, he's somewhere between 10 and 12 feet tall when standing. (Think about that if you decide to carry nothing but bear spray with you in the woods.) Some of these things are truly giants. Standing next to a creature this size, the average height person would be comparable to a 5 year old human child standing next to his adult Mom or Dad. That's why I'm armed when I'm in the woods. I don't think the creatures are normally violent but they're wild animals and I won't gamble my life by relying on the good will of a wild animal.  Do as you will when you go into the woods, as for me, I'm packin' large. Feel free to right click on the pic and save on your desktop for review. Windows Photo Gallery  works well for zooming etc. Please respect the copyright on this material and use it for nonprofit use only. Any other use must be licenced of course. Thanks and enjoy, Chris Bennett
Released 08-07-10 Two video capture stills. Overlaid and aligned with blink animation. A very covert job of hiding and observing us from the brush pile/day blind,  but  Peek a boo, we can see you too.
New Release. 02-01-11 but posted on the site 03-01-11 One video capture still. This comes from the hillside video shot by Chris Bennett while trekking with Scott Smith and his son Tommy. Very interesting encounter. Infrasound experienced by Chris Bennett and Tommy. Spring 2010 undisclosed location Area "F"