June 1978  Hart/Green County Line  Ky
Little Barren River Bridge Encounter Hart/Green County Line
Witness: Mr R. (does not wish to disclose his identity)

Witness was riding a street motorcycle late at night between 2 am and 3 am. Witness had been riding for some time and needed to stop and relieve himself. Since he was on a country road, he decided to stop his motorcycle at the little Barren River bridge and relieve himself there out of site from the main road. There is a gravel access road that runs down to the river beside the bridge. Mr R rode his motorcycle down this gravel lane, turned around and parked the bike facing back up the hill. After finishing his business, Mr R hopped on his motorcycle and started the engine. He placed the bike in 1st gear and began to take off. The engine died. Mr R thought he must have had the motorcycle in the wrong gear so he restarted the bike and made sure it was in 1st gear. He tried to take off again with more throttle this time yet again the engine died. By this time Mr R was getting frustrated. He started his engine again but this time he looked over his shoulder. To his horror, there was a large bipedal creature holding the rear sissy bar of his motorcycle. Mr R then applied full throttle to the bike in 1st gear and it began to spin the gravel at the rear wheel. After a few seconds the motorcycle was released and Mr R went straight up the access road and rode onto the main highway at a high rate of speed unconcerned about any oncoming traffic. Mr R rode at a high rate of speed for several miles after the encounter. Mr R has not been back to the spot and refuses to go there to this day.

Investigation Report: I spoke with Mr R and he is a very convincing witness. He did not show any of the tell tale signs for deception as he told me his account. His body language, likewise indicated an honest version of his account. As incredible as it seems I believe Mr R. One reason is we have had other reports of creature related activity in this exact same area. I have no doubt this witness saw and experienced something incredible that night.
Final thought:
Mr R has the exact date of the encounter "burned" into his memory. In my experience, this only happens when individuals experience something truly extraordinary and memorable. Chris Bennett