EARLY 90's Barren County Ky
This story comes to us from a long time friend who recalled a story told by his father about when he worked for The National Park Service at Mammoth Cave National Park. It took place in midsummer around 10:00 or 11:00 o'clock at night. The park at the time was in the process of building new board walks on some of the more traveled walking trails in the area. When his father received a call that there was a problem with the lights at one of the job sites. He arrived at the head of the trail and started down to the site on his four wheeler, when he saw a large hairy creature down on what he thought to be all fours walking. Fearing that he may have ran into a bear he began to slow down, when the creature raised up on two legs standing somewhere around 8 foot mark looked at him on the four wheeler and turned and ran into the darkness on two legs. He followed by saying that the reason he had thought the creature was down on all fours is that when he drove up was that it had been laying its head over on a rock or stump as if to just taking a rest.
Foot Note: This account was brought to us by a friend, we spoke with the witness and he verified the account. We believe this account to be true. The witness also told us he could not have revealed the encounter if he was still employed with the National Park Service. Interesting....