This is our "Gear" page. To show some of our meagre equipment we use in the field. I wish we had some of those FLIR hand held cams but the price is way beyond our budget at this time. But, here's a list of the recording equipment and some lighting we use that's not too expensive and can yield some high quality video/pics/audio on a budget. Our nightvision cams and stationary video equipment will not be listed below as we don't actually carry those items into the field. Chris B.

Chris carries:

1. Everytime- JAZZ brand camcorder- Model DV-171 This little camcorder costs about $60 and is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It shoots 8.1 megapixel stills and also Video with sound. Everything is recorded to a standard SD card. Cheap little pocket accessory to have. Uses 2 AA batteries but unless you set your date/time every time you change the batteries, your pics will say you took them in 1970. Just keep a good record of when you're in the field dates/times and you won't get mixed up. Everyone should carry one of these things or something similar.

2. Sometimes- General Electric Brand Digital Camera- Model A950 9.1 megapixel This one will shoot very good pics and is capable of shooting video without sound. Images/video are saved on a standard SD card. The cost on this one was very reasonable, I think it was less than $100.

3. Sometimes- JAZZ brand camcorder- Model DV-151 This little camcorder is just slightly larger than the DV-171 but still easily fits into a front pocket. Video quality is lacking. I think it's 640x480 so not much resolution and it does not take still pics, but the sound recording potential is AMAZING. You'll be shocked at the quality of digital sound recordings you'll make with this little thing. The best part, they're only around $40 and use 2 AA batteries, everything is recorded to a standard SD card.

4. Sometimes at night- I'll carry a Outdoors Brand 15 million candlepower cordless spotlight. This thing is quite large and I don't carry it if we're going to be very far away from the vehicle, It's heavy. Outdoors Brand made in China. This one came from a Loves Truck stop and was around $60 . It uses a rechargeable sealed lead/acid battery and has 2 settings. The high power setting (15 million) will drain the battery in about 10 minutes, but during that time, you could use the thing for an aviation searchlight. Low power setting is still probably 1 or 2 million candlepower and will last about 30 minutes.

5. Every time -Sony brand Handycam HD- 10X optical zoom, 130x digital zoom, 4.0 MP Stills, $599.00 at the local Walmart. Attached is a $15 Tripod for steady video and stills from Roses. Seems like a good little outfit so far , Shoots 1080 HD and uses a rechargeable lithium battery and you can carry a spare if you wanna drop another $50 on a spare battery.

Brandon carries:

1. Kodak Brand Digital Camera- Kodak 3x optical zoom 36-108 mm 7.0 mega pixels with video "without sound" standard sd card. runs around $100.00

2. Nightvision Camcorder- Sony 990x digital zoom optical 20x with night shot plus handy cam. weight is 1 to 2 lbs. runs around $200.00

3. Expert lighting equipment/accessories- Stream Light Super Tac c4 led 135 lumens runs off 2 3v lithium batteries, up to 30,000 peak beam candlepower,weight 7.1oz. Batteries last for 4 hours on none stop running time. runs around $150.00
K-light a 21 volt belt light know for coon hunting at fully charge it well last up to 24 to 36 hours of none stop running time on the low side put on high side it well last up to 6 to 12 hours. Low side is equal to a 4 cell mag light on high side it is equal to 2 or 3 million candle power spot light weight 2lbs. runs around $300 to $400.00
Moon Shiner 18 volt belt light known for coon hunting fully charged last up to 12 to 24 hours on low side of none stop use on high side last up to 6 to 8 hours, weight 2lbs. runs around $300.00

4. Other Optics- Bushnell 10x42 sportsman binoculars. Runs around $30.00
Bushnell yardage pro 450 range finder uses 1 9 volt battery. runs around $150.00

5. Bushnell game cam around $80 to $100.00