2009 Green River Fisherman Sighting
Witness was fishing from a boat in late Nov-09 on the Green River Northern Hart County Ky. when he noticed a large hairy animal looking at him on the river bank about 150 to 200 yards out . At first he thought it was just a stump but then he noticed a slight movement. He then stood up in the boat to get a better look and at that moment this "animal" also stood up on two legs and ran off up the bank into the heavy cover that was on the river bank. He got a very good look at the animal's back side.
Witness said, "I know what I saw was not a bear or any other wildlife known to this area because bear are not around here. We don't have any kind of animals here with long reddish brown hair standing 7 to 8 foot tall." Name withheld by request. Witness seems credible and has no motive to make up or fabricate a wild story. In fact, witness has told no one else about the incident. We've not had any other reports of activity in the area mentioned but the fact that the sighting occurred on the bank of the Green River is good enough. This falls into a predictable migration pattern that fits nicely with what we already have on paper. Chris B.