Q: What is Bigfoot or Sasquatch?
A: No one knows for sure. We feel it is a known species from the fossil record though. Gigantopithicus Blacki seem very similar to what these creatures look like.

Q: Is Bigfoot from outer space?
A: You're kidding right? Well, it's not likely that the creatures come from anywhere other than right here on good old planet Earth. Although they show a good intellect, it's mainly limited to survival in the woods.

Q: Do you investigate UFO sitings related to Bigfoot?
A: No, from our current observation and study, we do not feel the 2 are related.

Q: Is Bigfoot a ghost?
A: No, not the creatures we've seen. They are definitely biological living beings.

Q: Can you prove to me these creatures exist?
A: No, we don't do that. We know they exist and we're mainly concerned with our own private research on the creatures. If you need proof, find an area where sightings are high and get out and look for evidence. That's all it takes.

Q: Do you go on expeditions to search for these creatures?
A: Yes we do. In fact we're in the woods no less than 3 times per week, and in the new area almost daily.

Q: Can I go on an expedition with you?
A: We do have several expeditions/outings planned for 2010 some of which are open for other  researchers to come along. Contact us by email if you're going to be in the area. As of now, we're out in the field at least 3 times per week. There are some multiple day/night expeditions we will be doing in certain areas this Summer that are by invitation only. The main reason is that those areas are accessed first by boat and then several miles of back woods hiking. A fall/accident , snakebite, etc.. could likely mean death since there is no cell phone signal when you leave the main road in Ky..WE NEVER CHARGE ANYONE ANYTHING.

Q: How many creatures are there?
A: It's unknown how many are out there. The numbers are only guesses and the guesses range from a few hundred to a few thousand. Our guess is around 2500 to 3500 would be needed to maintain a breeding population.

Q: Do you ever post any of your photos of the creatures?
A: No we do not. Updated: Yes we have now began releasing some information to the public/researchers.

Q: Are they dangerous?
A: Only in the movies. But remember, any animal can become dangerous if cornered. Give them some room if you see one. (Just to be safe)

Q: Why hasn't a body been found?
A: It's not that difficult to accept that nature works quickly to decompose and destroy remains.
Not many dead bears are found either but it's a safe bet that bears exist. 

Q: Do you think Bigfoot is telepathic?
A: No

Q: I read online that Bigfoot can disappear or teleport thru invisible doorways that look like heat waves. Do you think this is possible?
A: No, we don't consider that a possibility.

Q: Can a person use a game camera to capture a picture of Bigfoot?
A: You can try, but it's highly unlikely you'll capture one on a game camera.