MID TO LATE 1930's Cumberland County Ky

There's been several sightings in KY of white Bigfoot type creatures which seems kinda odd at the least. The oldest sighting I know of was by my Grandfathers brother David. This was back in the 1930's in the Haunted Hollow in Marrowbone KY. Known by the locals as "The Haintin Holler". Alot of ghost hunters were hot on this area as this is probably the best real location for something if you're into ghostly things and strange happenings. My opinion is the "Ghosts" sighted here are more likely white living somethings rather than deceased spirits looking to harass the living for some reason. The location of the Hollow is on what now is called Turner Branch Road in Marrowbone KY. We always called it Turner Holler Road as my grandfather and grandmother Bransford and Margaret Turner owned and lived at the very end of the road. The road is just off Hwy 90 and winds back few miles to a dead end. About 1 mile into the road you'll start passing through the Haintin Holler. It's easy to tell because when you enter the Hollow, you'll feel at least a 10 degree temperature drop. There's no drop or increase in elevation, the road is level all the way to the end. (Not being much of a believer in Ghosts, I tend to credit the temperature drop to something known as a Katabatic wind, a condition where cold air moves down from atop the surrounding hills. Indeed most of the "Hills" in the area are only a few feet short of "Mountain" classification.) About a quarter mile from the dead end you go back out of the "Haintin Holler". It's the place to look for what was described as "Polar bears". Large creatures that walk on two legs and are solid white. I took a friend of mine there a couple of years ago. He'd read some things about the area and was tickled to find out I actually knew where it is. I know this is getting long but I do want to share the story from my Grandfather. My Grandfather was born in the Turner holler and he had a brother named David Turner. As a teenager David would go to the "picture show" in Burkesville with his buddy on Saturday nights. His buddy had a car and David didn't, so David was along for the ride. David's buddy would not drive his car back into the Turner Holler to pick him up. At that time, the branch (a small creek for those not familiar with the local terms) was the only road back into the holler and it was too rough for cars and trucks. Keep in mind during this time horses and wagons were still the main mode of transportation by alot of people. So, David would walk the 3 miles or so to get to the main road ( Hwy 90) to catch a ride to the show with his buddy. Late at night after the movie was over, he'd be let off at the end of the road and he'd walk back the three miles or so home by moonlight. Now, near the Hwy 90 end of the road there is a small creek that he had to cross to get to the branch that leads back to the Turner holler, (there is a bridge there now of course) he normally crossed the creek by a very large tree that was near the creek bank. Some of the dirt from around the roots had washed away so that some of the roots were on the top of the ground. One night after David was dropped off by his buddy, he walked down to the tree and a large white creature stepped out in front of him. He said it was standing on 2 legs and had to be 8 or 9 feet tall. It grabbed him up into a bear hug and started squeezing. Then 2 more "bears" walking on 2 legs, stepped out from the surrounding area. Since this was prior to anything printed about Bigfoot, he thought even though as crazy as it sounded, they must be Polar bears, as they were solid white, they stood up on two legs, and the first one now had him in a bear hug. He fought to get free, he was trying to get into his pocket to his knife. But he couldn't move much as the more he tried to get loose, the tighter the creature kept squeezing him. David was fighting just to stay awake. The pressure from the creature's hold had cut his air off. Then, I don't remember if my Grandfather said David reached the knife or why the creature let go but the creature loosened its grip enough so that David broke away. Needless to say, he ran the entire distance back home. Well, that would have been the end of my movie watching nights in Burkesville. Not David, he still walked to the main road to catch a ride with his buddy. But after his encounter he always carried a large caliber pistol. He walked to the large tree and would stuff the gun under the exposed roots of the old tree, then when he was dropped off, his buddy would shine the car lights on the tree and wait to make sure David retrieved the pistol for the trip back into Turner Holler. Well, I wanted to write this down because if things are not written down, they are forgotten. The Turner Hollow farm was passed down to my Mother and my Aunts and Uncles after my Grandfather and Grandmother passed away, then it was sold. I don't know who actually owns the property now. At last check there was nobody living in the house. My Grandfather never reported hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary while there. If David's account is true, and I believe it is, I think he may have ran into some creatures that were passing through the area.

Investigation Report: This story is personal to me and although the dates are too old to show any evidence other than the story. I would like to go on record as saying my Grandfather, Bransford Turner, who told this account to me was an honest man and although he believed David's account, he personally had never seen anything like David described while living in the turner Hollow. David is now deceased but he never recanted the account. I believe it to be true and accurate. Chris Bennett

Follow up: I did question my mother Nancy about any odd happenings in Marrowbone like the David Turner account, and she said "None of the rest of the family had seen the "White Things" David had described but she was born in 1942 well after the incident had happened." She did recall though that the incident had caused some lasting ramifications relating to travel in and out of the hollow. They were told to always travel in twos and never to walk the branch walkway alone at night. As teenagers, when the the girls would date, the boys would always wait for each other at the main road and then walk the 3 miles or so together back into the hollow when picking up the girls and then would wait for each other at the main road to again walk together when dropping the girls off back at their home in the Turner Hollow.  Chris Bennett