Christopher Allen Bennett's Bio Page
photo of Chris Bennett
  Christopher Allen Bennett "Chris" is a 46 year old Air Force Veteran and lives in South Central Kentucky. He first became interested in the concept of Bigfoot in the mid 1970's. He learned about an experience his Great Uncle David had as a young man in the late 1930's in Cumberland County Ky. (see the David Turner Encounter) Then, he began a search for books on the subject at the local library. He found the libraries were "lacking" on their selection of Bigfoot and Yeti books but he eagerly read what they had on the shelf. He discovered one of the books contained a section on a researcher doing a study on a colony of "White" creatures in KY!  Later he saw a movie at a local theater called "Sasquatch, the legend of Bigfoot" (a mock documentary of an expedition into the Pacific NW in search of Bigfoot.)  This sparked boyhood dreams of mounting a real expedition into the Pacific NW, a known hotbed for these creatures being sighted. Then in 1980 his interest in the subject peaked when his family purchased and moved to a farm in rural KY that by chance happened to be on a migration/gathering path for the creatures. Since then, Chris and the BFRP have collected multiple sighting reports, screams, Photos, Film Footage and both large and small bipedal footprint info. All have become a welcome addition to the credible evidence of these creature's existence to science. Chris holds a teaching degree in Earth Science and Biology from Western Kentucky University. In 1993 Chris completed his student teaching/observation at Hart County High School, Munfordville,KY. Although he considers teaching a rewarding profession, he ultimately accepted a higher paying job at SKF USA Mfg Plant in Glasgow Ky. Chris founded the BFRP in 2007. Since then he has worked with several other researchers locally and nationwide. He shares local info and findings with a select few. He does not feel the creatures benefit from exposure of routine evidence to the general public, so most evidence is kept quiet but shared with select researchers across the US. Early in 2008 the BFRP began a 24 hour video and digital recording of a known migration area in hope of catching one of these creatures on video or at least recording their vocals in high quality audio for scientific analysis of the vocal patterns. The approach taken, is "by chance", and will have the least amount of negative impact on the creatures. The project continues.
    Early 2010 after research/study of a possible Home Range of the creatures, Chris began a massive search trekking deep into the vast KY backwoods routinely in hope of determining an active Home Range. In March and April 2010 photographic, video, and other evidence of the creatures began being collected.
    To read about KY Bigfoot sightings please see the "
Sightings" pages. Chris' encounters are not listed due to habitat security reasons. The Creature's Protection is the #1 Priority.