November 2007 Hart County Ky
2 Witnesses
Raccoon Hunting Trip
Undisclosed Location
Length of encounter - 15 minutes

It was between 10 and 11 pm. The dogs had treed. Both witnesses had walked to the top of the nearest hill to determine the dog's location. The witnesses determined the dog's location and had retrieved them. The dogs started acting frightened and were cowering near the witnesses feet. At this point the witnesses noticed a foul odor in the area. It was sort of a musty wet dog type smell. Then a softball sized rock landed approximately 3 feet to their left. Witnesses were confused by this and started to leave the area. The dogs were very frightened and still cowering at the witnesses feet, as if they wanted to be carried from the area. (Very uncharacteristic of coon hounds) Then, 1 extremely loud tree knock came from the area where the rock had been thrown. The witnesses described the sound as if a couple of 2x4 boards were smacked together with incredible force. Then 2 knocks came from across the valley , from another wooded area some distance away. The witnesses passed thru a valley between the 2 wooded hills or "knobs" and saw a large herd of deer in the valley. The deer were acting skiddish, they were stomping and blowing but the deer were not running away from the witnesses. The deer did not go into the wooded areas and the deer did not flee from the witnesses.

We spoke with one witness, the other witness is on active duty with the military and was unavailable for comment. The area this encounter happened in is very close to another area we've had reports in. No visual sighting occurred but the smell and rock throwing are common responses from the creatures when someone is unwelcome in their area. We don't see any reason to dispute the witness's claim. They're good people.