OCTOBER 2003 Barren County Ky
                                                     THE BRANDY WILSON ENCOUNTER

This encounter was brought to me by this young lady who had experienced something that she did not understand and wanted some answers. I was greatly surprised and thrilled to say the least, because was it not only a great encounter but it took place only a couple of miles from our home research area.
While on a camping trip to a family farm in late October of 2003, everyone had just got in their tents to turn in for the night. The time was around 12:30 A.M., when there was a loud roaring or screeching sound that brought everyone out of their tents to investigate. The campfire had started to burn down so everyone grabbed a flashlight and began to look for what had made the  sound as the group of four people started to enter the woods there was a loud crashing sound from the area where the tents were at. As they investigated this they found large baseball size rocks that had been thrown from the woods. As they talked about where the rocks had came from there were 2 or 3 more rocks thrown at them, accompanied by a low gurgling sound from the woods. After building the fire back up the attack stopped, only to start over again a couple of hours later after the fire burned out. This time the group left the area leaving tents, sleeping bags, and all their gear.
Around 7 A.M. the group returned to collect the left behind gear, only to find more rock had been thrown and some trees had been broken around the 5 feet mark. No tracks were found because the group never really thought of this attack being a Sasquatch.

Around Late April early May of 2004, the same screeching roar was again heard by the same witness from her home about 3 miles from the sight of her first encounter.

Investigation Report: I've spoken with this witness numerous occaisions I feel her statement to be a true encounter without question. There were numerous witnesses to verify the encounter. The encounter also took place in a known area of creature activity. Scott smith