Brandon Lane's Bio Page
photo of Brandon taken at our most recent investigation site.
Brandon Lane is 28 years old and lives in South Central Kentucky where he has hunted and fished all his life.
He got started in Bigfoot research after an encounter he had in Nov 2007 while coon hunting at night.
After the encounter, he did some research on his own and didn't find the answers he was looking for in books or on the internet, "What I did find out, wasn't much." He stated. So he began watching TV shows on the subject like MonsterQuest and learned that alot of people besides himself had been having the same types of encounters with these primates that are still unknown to science.
In Nov 2009,  he was driving near a rural river crossing in South Central KY, when by chance he looked off to his right to see a large animal standing on 2 legs about 500 yards from the road. The creature towered 7 to 8 feet tall. After he passed, he quickly stopped his vehicle and turned around to go back to see if what he had just seen was what he thought it was. When he returned, approximately 60 sec of time had passed. The creature had fled into the woods.
Then, two weeks later in the exact same location, at about the same time of day, he saw the same thing again but this time it was much closer, only about 100 yards away. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he saw it, an 8 foot tall hairy creature brownish tan in color, this was also in Dec, 2009.
After he'd had encounters both in the night and now 2 day time sightings as well, he wanted answers more than ever for what he'd seen and heard. He knew now, these creatures do exist. He'd heard of the B.F.R.P. in his own hometown and met up with them, he told them about his encounters and sightings and also gave statements about them that day. After some discussion, Brandon said "It does not matter what I have to do or what happens as a result, I'm going to have answers to my questions as to what I've heard and what I've seen."  Brandon joined the BFRP team and is now dedicated to bringing science the proof of existence for these unknown primates known as "Bigfoot". This philosophy makes Brandon a valuable asset as an investigative research team member of the Bigfoot Research Project of Ky.