November and December 2009 Hart County Ky
1 Witness 2 Encounters in the same location
Country Road Trip
Undisclosed Location
Length of encounters -roughly 8 to 10 seconds each encounter

It was around 1 pm after lunch.  The witness was driving near a rural river crossing in South Central KY, when by chance he looked off to his right to see a large animal standing on 2 legs about 500 yards from the road. The creature towered 7 to 8 feet tall. After he passed, he quickly stopped his vehicle and turned around to go back to see if what he had just seen was what he thought it was. When he returned, approximately 60 sec of time had passed. The creature had fled into the woods.
Then, two weeks later in December 2009, at the exact same location, at about the same time of day, he saw the same thing again but this time it was much closer, only about 100 yards away. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he saw it, an 8 foot tall hairy creature brownish tan in color.

We spoke with Brandon and he was so thrilled about his sightings, he joined our team to find the conclusive evidence that will finally bring these creatures into the Science Books for all to know.

Foot Note: I knew without any doubt Brandon was being truthful about his account if nothing else because I too had previously witnessed a creature in the exact same location as his sightings. Brandon had no previous knowledge of my experience at this exact same location. This area is still currently under investigation.
Chris B.