The BigFoot Research Project Kentucky

Chris Bennett - Director of Operations
<>Brandon Lane - Field Research/Investigation
John Gray - Wildlife Tracker/Behavior Analyst
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All Reports are 100% Confidential, all locations kept secret. And if you don't want your name mentioned, it won't be.
If you've had a sighting you want to talk about, give us a call. We know what you've experienced may seem incredible or unbeleiveable, but like you, we "KNOW" these creatures exist because we've seen them too.
So, you've joined a small club, you're one of the few witnesses to something truly incredible and yet unseen by most people of the World. If you call us. You won't be talking with a Bigfoot "beleiver", you'll be talking with someone like you, a Bigfoot "knower". Chris B.
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7:00 Central!!
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Chris Bennett
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Daily Observation to Find the Answers,
To See The Bigfoot Mystery Finally Solved.
This Mystery
will be solved......
Chris Bennett